Montag, 12. November 2007

Google sucht den Superstar

Google will mit Entertainment-Profi Simon Fuller, dem Spice-Girls Macher und Erfinder des Konzeptes von Deutschland sucht den Superstar, das Web-TV revolutionieren.
Google is in talks with Pop Idol creator and entrepreneur, Simon Fuller, over a joint internet TV venture, according to the Observer. It reports that "secret talks" have been taking place for about a year over a project that "could change the way TV is watched over the internet." Although details are yet to be revealed, sources close to Fuller allege the idea is on a global scale and "will change television in much the way iTunes changed the way music is disseminated." The news may prompt rumours that Google is aiming to break into the TV market with original content to rival major broadcasters, via YouTube. Google suggested at the time that it acquired YouTube that it would be the first in a string of investments in the video space. Simon Fuller was the former manager of the Spice Girls and created the 'Pop Idol' format, which spawned 'American Idol', variants of which are shown in over 30 countries, putting him in control of arguably the world's most successful TV franchise.

Die Meldung ist von Sonntag. Laut Google News hat noch keine Seite oder Nachrichtenagentur aus Deutschland darüber berichtet.

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