Sonntag, 11. März 2007

Forscher brechen Lichtgeschwindigkeitsbarriere

Zwar wurde nur "Licht" schneller als mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit bewegt, also beschleunigt. Dennoch könnte dieses gelungene Experiment mit Lichtgeschwindigkeit die Welt der Telekommunikation in Zukunft dramatisch verändern, siehe auch slashdot Meldungen [1] [2].
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Scientists have finally exceeded the speed of light, causing a light pulse to travel hundreds of times faster than normal.

It raced so fast the pulse exited a specially-prepared chamber before it even finished entering it.

The experiment is the first-ever evidence of faster-than-light motion.
The scientific statement "nothing with mass can travel faster than the speed of light" is an entirely different belief, one that has yet to be proven wrong. The NEC experiment caused a pulse of light, a group of waves with no mass, to go faster than light.
For the experiment, the researchers manipulated a vapour of laser-irradiated atoms that boost the speed of light waves causing a pulse that shoots through the vapour about 300 times faster than it would take the pulse to go the same distance in a vacuum.
The NEC researchers published their results in this week's issue of the journal Nature.

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