Samstag, 10. März 2007

Südkorea plant Roboter Gesetze

Ende 2007 möchte Südkorea sein erstes Gesetz für den ehtisch korrekten Umgang mit Robotern veröffentlichen. Das Land plant massive Investition in diesen Zukunftsmarkt und benötigt nun verbindliche Regeln für Hersteller und Menschen. Dabei werden ein Teil der Robotergesetze von Asimov die Grundlage für das Gesetz bilden.
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Robotic age poses ethical dilemma
The South Korean government has identified robotics as a key economic driver and is pumping millions of dollars into research.
"The government plans to set ethical guidelines concerning the roles and functions of robots as robots are expected to develop strong intelligence in the near future," the ministry of Commerce, Industry and Energy said.

The new charter is an attempt to set ground rules for this future.

"Imagine if some people treat androids as if the machines were their wives," Park Hye-Young of the ministry's robot team told the AFP news agency.

"Others may get addicted to interacting with them just as many internet users get hooked to the cyberworld."

The new guidelines could reflect the three laws of robotics put forward by author Isaac Asimov in his short story Runaround in 1942
Key considerations would include ensuring human control over robots, protecting data acquired by robots and preventing illegal use.

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